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Ansible workstation

Ansible script to deploy my workstation with a ansible-pull.

Automatic install

Before call ansible-pull, git and ansible are required

apt-get install git ansible
pacman install git ansible

Installing Choux

# Need aur module for some tasks
git clone ~/.ansible/plugins/modules/aur
ansible-pull -U Choux.yml

Depuis peu, il y a un bug entre pacman et ansible:

LC_ALL=C ansible-pull -U --vault-id @prompt Choux.yml

Il y a un soucis avec le rôle users. Si on le joue plusieurs fois, ils n'apparaissent plus dans GDM. Donc au premier lancement, il faut ajouter

--extra-vars "create_user=True"

On Debian

After running the script, there is a bug with $TERM which makes BACKSPACE and TAB to have strange behavior. To solve it, from an other computer run:

infocmp -x | ssh -t root@remote-host 'cat > "$" && tic -x "$"'

By hand for Choux

  • Install vim plugin
  • Copy PrivateKeys
  • Copy PGP keys
  • Clone password-store repository to .password-store