My dotfiles manage with stow
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Bertrand Benjamin e4c915c224 Feat: set terminal colors 16 hours ago
X Feat: add click on link in urxvt 2 years ago
alacritty/.config/alacritty Feat: mouse bindings and use alacritty with sway 2 years ago
fish/.config/fish Feat: import fish config 2 years ago
git Feat: add gitconfig 2 years ago
moc/.moc Feat: add plusaudio suport 11 months ago
mpd/.config Feat: configure mpd with ncmpcpp 1 year ago
neomutt/.config Feat: neomutt config with external imap and smtp 11 months ago
newsboat/.newsboat Feat(newsboat): modify g and G keys and add channels 3 months ago
nvim Feat: add recording marcro 2 months ago
qtile/.config/qtile Feat: TERM and arguments 2 years ago
qutebrowser/.config/qutebrowser Feat: default zoom adblock etc 2 years ago
sway Fix(sway): imagepath syntax 7 months ago
tmux Feat: set terminal colors 16 hours ago
vifm/.config/vifm Feat: open csv with libreoffice 11 months ago
vim Feat: vim config 2 years ago
zsh Feat(zsh): add tea completion 3 months ago
.gitignore Feat: ignore vdirsyncer status 11 months ago
.gitmodules Feat: import zsh config 2 years ago Feat: début d'un readme 2 years ago

My dotfiles


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