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  Bertrand Benjamin 4055fed3c4 Feat: add year 2020-2021 links 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 891a5721c4 Feat: description des années 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 8ee1ed22f6 Merge branch 'master' of git_opytex:lafrite/site_opytex into master 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin fb01f2f1ac Feat: ajout description 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin f6a9695dc9 Feat: ajout des classes 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin c992f0f0dc Fix: link to projets-informatiques 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 8a58f72c64 Feat: remove link to bopytex and mapytex 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 18db1c10e9 Fix: filter to exclude 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 9f368245f6 Fix: hope it won't kill enseignements 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin ea782e8cbb Fix: underline 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 80b467d9de Feat: add hooks 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 8143d69537 Fix: too short underline 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 38c20a1b25 Fix: forgot > at the end of links 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin eb42eff61e Feat: refonte de la page d'accueil et nouvelle page, projet-info 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 15bd56890d Feat: deploy to opytex! 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 8946007616 Feat: New pipeline for 2019-2020 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 512eafcc02 Fix: Spelling once again! 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 7557af402e Fix: directory spelling 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 61fd25da39 Fix: Good directory to push! 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0d01502405 Fix: remove double apk 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin e4d76aac52 Fix: install rsync in drone.yml 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin f2d327416f Fix: upgrade MarkupSafe 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin df545d8597 Feat: add drone.yml 1 month ago
  Bertrand Benjamin c28db4d91a Feat: start using invoke 2 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 4c5168e0ac Feat: add rsync exclude in fake_upload 2 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 8696d8c176 Feat: french translation 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin f47fe95757 Feat: import h. and aside css elements from DEV 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 380a16c158 Feat: import DEV settings to Makefile 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin ebd73f39f5 Feat: move HOME to links 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 1fe7d8c176 Fix: LINKS targets 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin c624023018 Feat: home line point to root of website 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 2ba0774163 Fix: remove useless pages and correct links 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin cecdf49355 Feat: add mkdir for fakedir 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin c39ec433b5 Feat: home line point to root of website 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 74c085c442 Feat: split with globalconf 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 39241ee741 Feat: clean rsync commands 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 1ad4a3b20b Feat: presentation globale ok 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 57aca4f189 Feat: structure du site principale ok! 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 25e01d8bf2 Feat: import content task and pelicanconf 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 453e375772 Feat: import publishconf 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin e130b8f379 Feat: merci makefile 3 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 5d540bc27f Feat: move rsync upload destination 6 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin d4bea12f18 Feat: add Readme with imagemagick trick 6 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 3c487c60b5 Feat: submodules and import pdf-img 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin cfbef0e70f Feat: links between years 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 8ac801f269 Feat: Add pdf preview!! 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin b188406fcc Feat: Add personnal plugins 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin a8a6b862a6 Feat: correction des liens vers 2019-2020 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 5832ce58dc Feat: Start new year 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 76a4e19baf Feat: Import all old stuff 1 year ago