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  Bertrand Benjamin 7f8939eab2 Test: separate expression build and showing it 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0cadc6734e Feat: return value for random_list 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin f767aa390c Fix: rename list_generator to random_list 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 55985bfe20 Tagging: bad version number! 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 41d0de79cc Tagging: change version to 2.2 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 3b5c01e5cc Feat: random list generator 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 73b19e9644 Feat: add autopublishing 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 27e7dcba20 Feat: doctest skip 11 months ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 5f398b4c8d Feat: change frac to dfrac for fractions 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin ec823c85eb Feat: force subtree to be str and tex instead of txt in tree2tex 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin d72a2be175 Feat: Polynomial are displayed in nicer order! 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin e596c1af60 Fix: clean __init__ 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin b84cf047bd Fix: chante value to content in raw 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin d446139af3 Feat: missing_times works with RdLeaf 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 975728f8dc Feat: Add doctest to rdstr2 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 2317296534 Feat: raw methods for tokens 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin c211ed1591 Feat: remove precision setting for Decimal 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0c84c63ad3 Feat: overload pow for tokens 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 25bfb7699b Feat: add doctest add int and Decimal 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0abd80655a Feat: dirty way to get decimal approx of a function 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin a3f7efca12 Feat: allowing to import Decimal 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 1a74c54548 Feat: allow import Integer in calculus 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 1dccaabd86 Feat: dirty sub (repeatition in explain) 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 510f6a1fa2 Feat: doctest for operation between Token and str 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 6b353d2dd0 Feat: tokens can operate with builtin int 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin fbfaeb5a58 Fix: precessing -> processing 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 1a4e8ffb19 Feat: start using nox 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin d6bb61dc48 Fix: Black does its job 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 02214b0f82 Feat: no more round in quadratic roots 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin e52fec4057 Feat: MOnumber creating with a integer string 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 219d923ff5 Feat: to_be_token decorator and force token to be Integer when it's 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 419e5955eb Feat: tokenify for everything! 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin f471a1efb3 Feat: Test and validate roots (but not elegant) 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 7600962fe4 Feat: doctest for composing Expressions 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 3e258b2d41 Feat: Expression call works with tokens 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 9f492378c8 Feat: Allow pure string rendering 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0c3c20262e Fix: move __call__ to expressions 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin b3ec098b0b Feat: add tree2tex in all import 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 9d9224fcba Feat: Polynoms can be differentiate!!!! 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin b53de690d5 Fix: Issue with typing null monomial 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin beb319f21d Fix: replace notimplemented by NotImplementedError 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 50f77c4d60 Feat: coefficients, delta and some roots for polynomial, Linear and Quadratic 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin a83b5ada8d Feat: Polynomial can be evaluated 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0aba5eaef6 Feat: Move some import into functions 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 0faaf481ca Feat: start working on eval for polynoms 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin b51ac7880d Fix: typing filter for multiply 2 years ago
  Bertrand Benjamin fdf3b088f2 Mise à jour de 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin c7bd77e341 Mise à jour de '.drone.yml' 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 37601be549 Feat: nothing 1 year ago
  Bertrand Benjamin 19cdddf27e Feat: add a drone for testing 1 year ago